Top Kids Party Trend Predictions For 2019

We understand how much pressure you are under to create a party that’s as big a hit with your own kids as it is with their friends. We recommend you pick a theme and follow it to give your party a direction. There are classic party themes that stick around, like the Unicorn and Dino parties. Plus the trends that pop up and dominate the party scene in shorter bursts.

This year promises to be a mega one for movies so it’s inevitable that they will dominate kids party themes. Here at illooms we’ve identified a few that we think will be big hits. Here’s a taste of what’s to come.

LEGO® Movie 2

The long-awaited sequel to the LEGO® Movie hit the big screen in February and is surely only going to add to the Lego craze. A real family friendly movie that has a huge fan-base this is a great theme for any party. It’s geometric shapes and bright colors provide the perfect base for a fun and vibrant birthday party. Along with Lego props and party bag gifts we think our Mixed 5 Pack is perfect to decorate the event and light up the occasion.

Lego is available in so many different genres. It is perfect for you when adapting the theme of the party to that of your child’s interests.


Making its big return on 29th March, the Disney classic makes an awesome theme for the little ones. You could make some fun craft activities to keep your child and their friends occupied during the party. Why not try to make an illooms elephant? Our blue balloons, along with a few craft items are all you need to build your very own light-up Dumbo. Always be sure to tag us on social if you get creative with illooms.

The circus theme makes this a super choice for kids of all ages and adults too! Use our Color Changing Light Up Balloon Lanterns to add a cool glow for when the lights go out and the birthday cake arrives.

Avengers Endgame

The hotly awaited Avengers Endgame movie has a release date of 26th April and will be a great addition to the Marvel Universe. Since The Avengers movies began in 2012 we’ve seen an increase in the popularity of super hero themed parties. Thor, Black Widow, Captain America and Bruce Banner are set to take center stage in this one as they look to help Tony Stark. That should give you some idea of the kind of props and decorations you can use to create an awesome Endgame party.

Toy Story 4

Wow, here’s another which is sure to create a real ‘Buzz’ – Toy Story 4! This too is perfect for the whole family so a Toy Story party theme is one that the majority are going to love. Everyone is a Toy Story fan aren’t they? You could create some knockout ‘Woody Bags’ with so many Toy Story themed accessories. Remember, the films are comedies and always have some really humorous elements so you can be quirky with the party theme!

There’s a whole host of characters who have all become a part of our lives since the first movie burst on to the scene in 1995. Incorporate these into your decorations – they’d provide some fantastic fancy dress options too. With a release date of 21st June you have plenty of time to gather your ideas and plan the best Toy Story party imaginable!

Frozen 2

We know how much of an impact the first Frozen movie had so we’re all set for another ice-breaking release.

Frozen is ideal for a winter birthday party and you can really go to town with this theme. Our Silver and White light up balloons would make cool icicle and snow decorations. You could even make your very own light up snowman. Here’s how you can make a glowing snowman creation using illooms:

Whether you choose one of these themes or not, check out our product range and light up your party. Remember to tag us across social, we’d love to see what you manage to create using #illooms.