Some cracking ideas for an Easter at home

This is certainly not going to be the Easter that we were all expecting, but we want to try and help to make it one that we all remember. You may have noticed our #FunatHome content recently across our social media channels, aiming to help you entertain the kids while staying safe at home. Well now, we’ve created some craft, fun and decoration ideas to create a cracking Easter for you and the family!


Easter and crafts are the perfect match, so why not take advantage of the time at home to get crafty and creative this year?

Chick and Bunny:

Our MYO chick and bunny are great fun for the kids, they are easy to make and give them their own light-up Easter buddy. Like all of our latex products, they light up for 15 hours so that’s plenty of time for lots of #FunatHome. Find them at selected Waitrose stores now!

More Easter friends:

These are a great way of getting the kids to be productive and interactive, let them create their own Easter character using our downloadable attachments and some regular illooms. Print out the features, cut them out and then hand them over to the kids to colour them in whatever colours they choose! Just be careful when sticking anything to the balloons and don’t attempt to remove anything that you have stuck on – it can cause them to pop. We’ve inserted the downloadable attachments at the bottom of this blog post for you, so hop on down there before you leave…

A fun activity for kids of all ages
Watch the kids faces light up when their characters come to life in the dark

Easter eggs – illooms style

This is an eggcelent craft, quite literally. Make your balloons look like Easter eggs and decorate Easter weekend in style. The kids here have used Washi tape to jazz up some illooms, however, like with the faces – do be careful when sticking things to the balloons. These can look great in the window as it goes dark on Easter Sunday or you could even use them to decorate the Easter eggs for the kids. It would be such a magical surprise for the youngsters when they wake up to see a magical glow coming from their treats.

Cracking crafts

Downloadable attachments for your Easter crafts:

Here are some attachments to help the kids bring their Easter characters to life! We’d love to see what you all manage to create so please do tag us on social media, we are @illooms on Facebook and @illoomsofficial on Instagram and Twitter in case you don’t already follow us. If you want to add some illooms to your Easter celebrations then head here and find a selection of the retailers that sell illooms products! Happy Easter everyone!

Easter faces attachments (73 downloads)