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11″ light up punch balloons are great for kids to play with.  Perfect for party games and party bags.

Our 11″ light up balloons pack a punch. Available in different colors and designs.  Simply illuminate, inflate and slip the rubber band onto your hand to start punching away with the punch pad. Take the punch challenge and see who can keep the punch balloon bouncing the longest!

Make Your Own Lanterns

Our Make Your Own packs contain everything you need to make light up balloon lanterns.

Make your own magical Unicorn or brave Dragon with illooms®. Easy to assemble, simply illuminate the balloon and inflate inside the lantern. Use the stick-on parts included in the pack to bring the light up balloon lantern creatures to life. Make great night lights.


Make Your Own

Make your own light up balloon creatures using the stick-on parts included in the pack.

Make Your Own balloons are ideal for children’s parties as an activity, decoration or party favor to take away.