Pumpkin Carving know-how

Creating a gem of a pumpkin for Halloween is one of our most favourite things.  There are a few key tips that we’ve discovered over the years that will help your creative juices flow.

The perfect pumpkin

We bet you’ve never given your pumpkin and its stem a second thought, right?  Well here’s an interesting factoid for you – you need a pumpkin with a stem!

Our go-to Halloween fruit grows on vines and rests on the ground.  The stem does not support the weight of the pumpkin.  Bear with us… a stemless pumpkin means it has been handled a fair bit.  You do not want a manhandled pumpkin!

There’s more on the mystical pumpkin stem.  The thicker it is, the thicker the walls of the pumpkin are.  This will also indicate that it’s heavier which makes it the ideal candidate for carving.


Preparation is key

Once you have decided on the boo-tiful design you want to sculpt, doodling your tour de force on your pumpkin before you commence chiseling will help the process go smoothly (fingers crossed).

Control yourself!

Another of our top tips is not to carve too early.  We’re all for planning, but getting over excited and creating your masterpiece more than 2-3 days out, could leave you with a rotting calamity on your hands.


Hydrate that pumpkin

Whilst your prize pumpkin won’t go off as quickly as an apple, for example, it will start to deteriorate slowly in just one day.  Spritz your showpiece with water and replace the water it is losing.  This will help keep it more workable too, if it takes you longer to create spook-tacular design.


Let it glow

No carved pumpkin is complete without a ghoulish glow, which is where we come in.  Light up your pumpkin with illooms.  Safer than candles, illooms will keep your masterpiece glowing for up to 15 hours.  The perfect finish for your Halloween gem.


Light Up Your Pumpkin