Make Your Own Glowing Snowman

We always find it interesting when people use our products in ways that even we never imagined before. One such example is this DIY glowing snowman. It was put together by a long time friend of the extended illooms® family and she’s kindly shown us how it’s done.

How to make your own Snowman

All you need to create your own glowing snowman are:

  • 2 white illooms®
  • Permanent markers
  • A selection of small pom poms
  • A colored Pipe Cleaner
  • Double-sided tape

Once you’ve got all your materials, then just follow along with the video above.


How do you use your illooms®

If you have any creative uses for your illooms® then we would love to hear about them. Either let us know in the comments below or head on over to our ‘Upload Your Photos‘ page where you can share photos of your creative ideas with all of the illooms community.



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