Light up your St Patrick’s Day decorations

St Patrick’s Day is fast approaching, a day that always promises to be a fantastic occasion. Here’s how we think you should paint the day green.

The 17th March is the day we remember the patron saint of Ireland, St Patrick. It’s a day for all ages to have fun and celebrate all things Irish. Celebrations typically involve public parades along with traditional Irish music, shamrocks, and wearing green.

Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated in more countries than any other national festival and, since 2010 famous landmarks have been lit up as part of ‘Global Greening’. Sydney Opera House, Sky Tower in Auckland and the Colosseum in Rome are some of the tourist attractions that go green. Overall this year up to 287 global landmarks will turn green on St Patrick’s Day. 

If you’re participating in St Patrick’s Day festivities this year then you’ll certainly be putting on your favorite green outfits. You may well be hosting a celebration of your own and decorating your home in an Irish theme. This can bring some pressure, but why not go one step further and light up your celebrations with illooms? After all, if it works for the Sydney Opera House then it’s bound to work for your house! 

Light-up balloon arch

Why not create a light-up balloon arch around your front porch or doorway? That way, not only do you have a fitting entrance for your event, but when the sun goes down and your party continues into the late hours, the decoration comes alive to add an awesome glow around your location. You could use white, gold and silver illooms as an accent to green balloons and accessories to create the ultimate St Patrick’s Day balloon arch.

Glowing balloon column

A party is a great opportunity for you to add some glamour and turn columns or pillars into something much more interesting. You could illoom-inate these features using some of our LED balloons to add color and flair and create a marvelous balloon column. All you need are coordinating light up balloons along with your imagination; the perfect addition to your Paddy’s Day theme in the blink of an eye.

St Patrick’s Day balloon feature

We put this balloon banner together using illooms to inspire you to get creative. It’s basically a cluster of illooms along with some green balloons so don’t worry, it isn’t as daunting as it may seem at first. Along with some shamrock details and paper bunting it fits perfectly with the theme of the day. We’ve added gold illooms as a nod to the traditional Irish leprechaun’s pot of gold – we think they’re a classic yet versatile option for any celebration.

St Patrick’s Day balloon creation
The party can go long into the night with illooms

Now we appreciate that these may be for the more adventurous hosts among you, therefore don’t feel under pressure to create something magnificent. However, you could always just add a few illooms to the party; simply pull the tab, inflate them and watch them glow in the background of your evening. We think they would look pretty cool alongside your party food and beverages. Your guests are sure to love them.

If you do add #illooms to your decorations, then make sure to tag us on social. We’d love to see what you manage to put together. Finally and most importantly, we hope you have an amazing day and a memorable party.

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