Light up your Easter with some Craft & Play

Thankfully it looks like the cold weather the Met Office predicted over Easter isn’t actually coming our way. However, that doesn’t mean we’re going to be enjoying the sunshine and hot temperatures. So, if the weather drives us inside, we’re left with the age-old question, “How are we going to entertain the kids?

Get Crafty this Easter

Always a great indoor activity to keep young hands busy, why not engage in a bit of arts and crafts. Our top 3 choices for Easter arts and crafts include:

  1. Decorate your own Egg – Of course, this is on the list. It’s classic Easter fun.
  2. Create some Greeting Cards – Another classic makes the number two slot. In our experience, the only thing that kids love more than making stuff is gifting their creations to other people. That’s why greetings cards are always a win.
  3. Easter Bunny Toilet Rolls – If you’ve never made these, they’re super simple and a lot of fun. All you need are cardboard tubes, card/paper for the ears, and pens, paint or any other crafty accessories for decoration. If you’re looking for some inspiration, then do a Google image search; there are some really creative examples out there.

If none of the above catch your interest, then we’ve also got you covered with some Easter illooms®.  Our Make Your Own Easter Chick and Bunny are cute little characters that your kids will love.

Each pack comes with an LED illuminated balloon and stick-on parts to make your characters come to life. There’s also a handy balloon stick for children to hold, to place in a holder, or even to stake into the ground. The balloon will glow for up to 15 hours so they’ll make great decorations to light up your Easter.

If you’re living in the UK, then you can pick up either the Easter Chick or Bunny from Waitrose, or online at Ocado.

If you’re using illooms® balloons in your arts and crafts, then don’t forget to share some photos of your creations by uploading your photos here: Upload Your Photos.

Pack a Punch this Easter

While not just for Easter, we’ve found that our punch balloons make a great toy. Considering that they’re also cheaper than most Easter eggs, they’re a great alternative for chocolate and sweets.

Offering a unique twist on a classic toy, their integrated LED light will glow for up to 15 hours and keep little hands busy. Our colour changing punch uses an LED that cycles through a sequence of colours to create a spectacular effect that your kids will love even more. These punch balloons are a great way to keep kids (and even some grownups) entertained and get them to expend a little extra energy over the holidays.

Why not take our punch challenge to see who can keep the balloon bouncing the longest?


What are your ideas?

So what will you be doing this Easter? If you have some creative ways to enjoy the holiday even if it’s raining, then we’d love to hear about it in the comments below.