Light up someone’s day today

During this difficult time, it is vital that we work together to look after one another. Although staying safe at home makes it difficult to physically support others, there are still ways that we can all lend a helping hand.

Like most of you, the illooms team are currently working from home and pulling together to ensure that we all get through this tough period. Today though, our CEO, James, has made a wonderful gesture by giving us the day off – solely to help others. We will therefore be working hard to do all we can to spread some kindness and would like to encourage others to do the same.

With the isolation rules in place in the UK and many parts of the world, it will be a very lonely time for many, especially those living completely on their own. Imagine how grateful these individuals would be for a little chat and a catch up.

You could spend a few hours phoning people who would love some company? With advances in video chat technology today, it can be almost as if you are there in the room with them. You could buy some shopping for your next door neighbour who is unable to get to the shops safely (as long as you abide by social distancing rules)? Why not reach out to family members across social media? You could even create a huge group chat full of all of your relatives and keep each other’s spirits up.

Call someone who may be in need of company

Whatever you choose to do, let’s all aim to make a difference. We ask you to join us is in lighting up someone’s day and together we’ll get through this.