Halloween Ghost Party

Themed parties are easy and fun to organize. A Halloween Ghost Party is really simple as you can keep to a basic, all white theme. The important elements to tick off are decorations, tableware, treats and games.


More stylish than scary! A modern and fresh black and white Halloween theme appeals to old and young alike. Firstly, go for low lighting to create a spooky vibe. Shops are filled with ghost decorations around Halloween so you can always pick them up for very little cost. If you’re more creative then you can add in some home-made decorations. For example, we like these sheets draped over white illooms to create spooky specters:


You could also decorate pumpkins to match your monochromatic palette:




Just remember to keep things all-white on the night! Again, you can buy disposable cups, plates and napkins from shops – there are so many to choose from at this time of year. Alternatively, use any plain white plates, cups and napkins that you already have or borrow from friends and family. Why not add googly eyes to white or clear cups to make cute ghost containers?


Shop-bought or home-made? The choice is yours. Use shaped cookie-cutters and molds to bake your own items.  Anything white and vaguely ghost-shaped can be spooked-up with the simple addition of a pair of eyes. Alternatively, a liberal sprinkling of white marshmallows creates the perfect “fright” of ghosts. Note: we’re not sure whether “fright” is the correct collective noun for a group of ghosts, but we like it.

Ghost Games

There are so many different ghost-themed games; for obvious reasons, this one is our particular favorite:

Ghost Float: illuminate and inflate illooms Ghost LED light up balloons. Gather the kids into a circle. Throw one Ghost illoom into the circle and challenge the players to keep it from hitting the floor. After a minute or so, throw in a second Ghost illoom. Keep increasing the number of illooms and watch the players try to keep all of the ghosts afloat.

P.S. If you’re celebrating this Halloween, we would love to see your illooms pictures. Either let us know in the comments below or head on over to our ‘Upload Your Photos‘ page where you can share photos of your Halloween party ideas with all of the illooms community.