Get creative with your #FunatHome

Many of you will now be a couple of weeks into staying at home and we hope you are getting on ok. We’ve put together some more #FunatHome ideas to help you and the kids pass the time and continue to stay safe.

Create some crafty light-up faces

Firstly, why not have a craft afternoon and create some light-up characters? All you will need for this is one of our 5 packs of light up balloons, then just download the faces attachments below and off you go. Cut out the attachments before handing over to the kids to colour in, also be careful when sticking to illooms and do not remove something once it has been stuck on – this can cause them to pop. If you spend the afternoon getting crafty, the kids will have their new toys ready for when it goes dark – that’s when the magic happens! They could even use them as funky night lights.

Create your own light up faces

Download your attachments here:

Pet Faces attachments (80 downloads)

Home disco

At the end of a long week when the kids are starting to get restless and bored of being at home, what’d more fun than a Friday night Disco? Aside from being totally awesome for the kids, it may also tire them out and give you a few more hours of much deserved peace and quiet! Our Mixed 15 packs would be perfect for this, just turn off the living room lights, close the curtains, turn on the music and release the illooms!

illooms Multi Mix Light Up balloons
Light up the fun!

Light up Tennis

Now for light-up tennis, yes you read that right! This is a bit of a quirky idea that could make some exciting PE at home. As it’s going dark, why not use illooms to play Tennis or volleyball in the garden? The possibilities are endless.

Light up the exercise!

As always, we hope illooms can help you have some #FunatHome and if you want to buy some of your own, click here to see a selection of retailers that stock our products. We also have our own Amazon UK store, check it out here.