Find illooms® in store for the perfect Halloween

Are you looking to add some light, color, and fun to your Halloween this year? If so, make sure to keep an eye out for illooms® in-store when you are doing your pumpkin or costume shopping.

You can usually find illooms® in the party aisle with the other balloons, but that’s not always the only place. You can also find them:

  1. In the seasonal aisles along with other Halloween decorations and costumes
  2. At the front of the store with the fresh pumpkins! illooms® are a great alternative to traditional candles for lighting your pumpkins on Halloween –  lighting them up but also adding a splash of color to your pumpkin carving. Just remember to insert the balloon inside your carved pumpkin before inflating.  The light will glow for at least 15 hours making great flame-less pumpkin lights that really make your pumpkins pop. For more on this, check out our earlier article about Lighting up Your Pumpkin.
  3. Many retailers also stock illooms® next to the Halloween sweets as an alternative gift idea to sugar sweets to give the children trick or treating this year.  Available in single packs, these fun illooms® will light up a child’s Halloween.

illooms® are great for trick-or-treating. The LED light is the perfect way to light the way when children are out and about. They can also be used to add the finishing touch to costumes or decorating your party.

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