Product Questions

How do I light up my illooms?

illooms® are easy to use – before inflating, hold the balloon at the top then simply pull the pull tab out of the neck to activate the LED.

What is the inflation band for?

We designed the inflation band to be used as a guide so that you don’t over-inflate the balloon.

What is the best way to inflate my illoom?

We recommend that you use a balloon pump to inflate your balloon, rather than manually blowing it up. This will keep the balloon away from your eyes and face and make it easier to see when it’s fully inflated

Over-inflation may cause balloons to burst; bursting can cause injury.

How long will my illooms light up for?

Once activated, illooms will glow for a minimum of 15 hours. illooms can last considerably longer but the luminosity reduces over time. This is quite normal and is nothing to worry about.

How do I deflate my illoom

Each pack of illooms contains deflation stickers to make it easy to deflate the balloon. Peel the deflation sticker off the backing sheet then place the sticker around the knot of the balloon. Once in place use a pair of scissors to cut off the knot and the balloon will deflate quickly without popping. This should be done by an adult. Please do not pop the balloon without using the deflation sticker, as bursting the balloon can cause injury.

What to do after using them?

After use, we recommend that you dispose of the batteries following the instructions supplied with our product and in line with environmental recommendations. The latex balloon can be disposed of via the normal waste disposal route, as natural latex rubber is biodegradable.

Are they reusable?

No, illooms are a single use item.

Can I fill my illooms with Helium?

We recommend that you don’t inflate illooms® with helium as they won’t float very well or for very long and we don’t want this to impact on your enjoyment of illooms®.

Latex is porous so helium leaks out of the balloons over time which influences how long they float for.

Also, the LED inside illooms® makes them weigh more than standard latex balloons which has an effect on how high they float.

General FAQs

Where can I buy illooms?

illooms are available in over 30 countries through a network of well-known retail stores. Please click here to view, or alternatively contact us at and we will be happy to advise.

Do you have any current job vacancies?

Our current vacancies can be viewed on our corporate website. Please click here for details or alternatively please contact us at

Safety Questions

Are illooms safe for children?

All latex balloons are a potential choke or suffocation hazard for small children. Illooms packaging carries appropriate warning text advising of all hazards associated with the product and the use of illooms by children requires adequate adult supervision.  Please read instructions before use, follow them and keep them for reference.

Illooms have been independently tested by third-party accredited test laboratories to all appropriate standards.

As with all balloons, illooms® are not suitable for children under 3 years as they contain small parts and therefore can choke or cause suffocation. We also advise for the same reasons that for children 8 years & under have adult supervision. This is clearly stated on all our packaging.

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