Don’t buy fake led balloons, buy the real McCoy !

Don’t buy fake LED balloons, buy the real McCoy!

Here at illooms®, we take fake LED balloons seriously. The counterfeit items on the market are a serious hazard, causing many health & safety issues for anyone that uses them. Buying fakes are simply not worth the risk.

From the moment illooms® were launched, health & safety is always our number one paramount. We have spent many years perfecting and protecting the design to ensure our products surpass global health & safety standards. No part has been overlooked.

Elements to look out for on fake led balloons include:

  • Open LED units. Exposed small parts can be a choking hazard, so be careful.
  • LED units that are not securely held in place. This is also a choking hazard and can cause serious injury if the balloon pops.
  • Non-regulated light flashes. If a light flashes more than 3 times per second, it can cause seizures for people who have photosensitive induced epilepsy.

All illooms® products meet or exceed all relevant international toy safety standards and we have developed several safety features which are unique to illooms®.

illooms® feature:

  • Closed, patented LED units.
  • A secured mechanism that holds the LED units securely in place.
  • A unique parachute device to further protect against choking and damages if the balloon pops accidentally.
  • LED light units in our flashing illooms® that allow a strong light but only flashes 1.5 times per second. Which surpasses the global safety standards.
  • Included in every pack is an inflation band to measure the size of the balloon and avoid over inflation.

Don’t take our word for it – please watch this episode of Fake Britain which highlights these dangers from fake LED balloons.



Don’t by fake led balloons, buy illooms®. It’s simply not worth the risk.