Beat the January Birthday blues

As the first month of the new year draws to a close, we’d reflect on what it’s like to celebrate your birthday in the most miserable month of the year and present the alternative view – that January is in fact a great month for a birthday.

We’ve put together the following to help you make the best of a bad situation in the future for your January Birthday

(and those of you with family/friends with January birthdays, take note):

  • You’re surrounded by people doing dry January – that doesn’t stop them buying you drinks, does it? Plus, they can drive which should save on taxi fares.
  • All your friends are broke – see above. Also, many restaurants are desperate for your business in January so take advantage of any deals.
  • Everyone wants to hibernate and can’t be bothered going out – throw a party and invite everyone round to your house.
  • Rubbish presents – either unwanted Christmas gifts or presents bought in the sales? Turn the tables and pick something that’s on sale that would usually be out of budget. Or, ask people to get you the presents you actually wanted for Christmas if you didn’t get everything that was on your Christmas list.
  • Joint Christmas and birthday gifts – see above, and make sure you get something you really want.
  • As a last resort, you could always bite the bullet and opt for an official birthday like the Queen (but that will probably be easier for Aquarians that Capricorns who might be let down by astrological traits!).

It can’t be all bad; the ultimate party girl, Kate Moss (16th), doesn’t seem to let her January birthday put a dampener on the festivities, whilst all of Scotland celebrates the birth of Robert Burns on January 25th. Other celebrities born in January –  Verne Troyer (1st), Kate Middleton (9th), Liam Hemsworth (13th), Michelle Obama (17th), Jose Mourinho (26th), Oprah Winfrey (29th) and Justin Timberlake (31st)- don’t seem to let it get them down either.


So for all those celebrating a January Birthday. illooms® wishes you a glowing Happy Birthday!