Be seen on Halloween!

When I think of Halloween, words like dark, scary, spooky and creepy come to mind. That’s what makes the night so much fun, right? The thing is, those words aren’t so fun when you’re a parent and your children are out trick-or-treating on Halloween. What we want is for our kids to be seen on Halloween.


Be Seen Trick or Treating

Whether you’re out trick-or-treating and want to be able to keep an eye on your child without crowding them, or you want your children to be more visible to traffic and therefore safer when out and about at night; illooms® are the answer.

Our Halloween lanterns and balloons feature pumpkins, ghosts and a host of other Halloween characters. This means that kids love playing with them and want to have them near. But, they also glow which makes them a perfect safety device on Halloween. Your kids won’t complain about having to keep them close when out at night, and the glow gives you reassurance your little ones will be seen in the dark when they are out trick-or-treating.


Be Seen at Home

If you’re staying in this Halloween, you can still benefit from a little more light. illooms® are a great alternative to candles for your pumpkins (find out more here) and really make your Halloween decorations pop this year. Also our range of Make Your Own Halloween balloons are the perfect activity for your kids this Halloween.


Whether you want your kids to be safer or you just want to add a bit of color to your Halloween, illooms® are the answer.