Pumpkin Carving know-how

Creating a gem of a pumpkin for Halloween is one of our most favourite things.  There are a few key tips that we’ve discovered over the years that will help your creative juices flow. The perfect pumpkin We bet you’ve never given your pumpkin and its stem a second thought, right?  Well here’s an interesting […]

Halloween traditions you may not be familiar with

Halloween has its roots in a pagan festival, different elements were added over the years. There are so many traditions and superstitions around Halloween, some more well known than others; see below:   Husband Hunting Traditions There are numerous traditions aimed at helping young women to find their future husband. So, if you’re tired of […]

Mexican Day of the Dead Party

If you’re looking for a colourful theme for your Halloween celebrations this year, then we suggest a Mexican Day of the Dead party!   What is it? The Day of the Dead, or Dia de Muertos, is a Mexican holiday. Family and friends gather to remember and pray for friends and family members who have […]

Pumpkin Carving: History of the Jack O’Lantern

Jack O’Lanterns Carving pumpkins is a classic Halloween tradition but it’s actually a fairly recent addition to the celebration. People have been making Halloween lanterns out of vegetables for centuries – the original jack-o’lanterns were carved from turnips, potatoes or beets.   Stingy Jack The origins of the story lie in an Irish myth about […]

Halloween Ghost Party

Themed parties are easy and fun to organize. A Halloween Ghost Party is really simple as you can keep to a basic, all white theme. The important elements to tick off are decorations, tableware, treats and games. Decorations More stylish than scary! A modern and fresh black and white Halloween theme appeals to old and […]


All Souls’ Day Trick-or-Treat dates back to the early All Souls’ Day parades in England.  The poor would beg for food and they would be given pastries called ‘soul cakes’ in return for promising to pray for the family’s dead relatives. The Church encouraged the distribution of soul cakes as a way to replace the […]

Halloween Pumpkin Party

Autumn is here, the nights are drawing in and Halloween is fast approaching. If you’re planning a celebration then a pumpkin party is perfect for this time of year!   Decorations You can never have too much orange! No, we’re not talking about fake tan – we mean all things pumpkin! They are everywhere at […]

Halloween – A Brief History

Halloween If you think that Halloween isn’t quite what it used to be, then you’re both right and wrong! Growing up in the UK, many of us spent Halloween going door to door for sweets, bobbing for apples and carving wonky faces into turnips and pumpkins. Brits tend to view Halloween as an American tradition, […]